my summer swim collection
Photo Sep 12, 5 43 13 AM.jpg
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This bikini color against my skin! I don’t own any suits in this color or now that I think about it have seen any one of my friends have a suit close to this color, Lilac. I’m wearing it in the Izzy top and Maui bottom styles. I decided to rock and shoot this set during sunset, here at home in Santa Monica. I thought the color could pair well with the hues of the sunset.

Photo Sep 19, 5 49 24 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 19, 5 46 00 AM.jpg

This print is my absolute favorite in the current collection. The use of color mixing with the wild print is stunning. And to be honest, I actually used to hate the color pink… even as a little girl pink was not my favorite color! Who would have thought I’d be LIVING for pink in my twenties. I love the pop of color with the dark foreground on this set. This suit deserves to be taken to Hawai’i or something… I’ll be sure to look at flights tonight - ha!

Photo Sep 19, 5 32 59 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 19, 5 33 42 AM.jpg

RAWR! I first wore this suit a few weeks back in August for a poolside music festival here in the desert. I got compliments from just about everyone! First off, I love that it’s not your typical cheetah print color. It has a funky neon twist with lots of flare! Second off, it’s about the most comfortable one piece I’ve ever worn. The material (like every suit by Blackboughswim) is extremely soft, movable, and well fitting. I’ve completely fallen in love with this suit and print. Already thinking about what set I’m going to get next in this Wild Cat print.

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Photo Sep 12, 5 30 03 AM.jpg

If you can’t tell, the prints on this set are little bird feathers! I’m obsessed. Back in Middle School I remember dying to get a bird feather tattoo. Again, the fabric is just to die for – on all of them! I love these Stassy cheeky bottoms that I’ve gotten on almost all sets because not only do I love a cheeky look; I love that I’m able to make these as low or high waisted as I’d like. They’re so easy to pull up and down!

Photo Sep 19, 5 21 56 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 19, 5 20 53 AM.jpg

I was a little skeptical about this color at first, but I wore them out to yet another sunset session with a friend of mine and we decided we loved it. The photos online just don’t do it justice! In person, it’s the perfect coral and peach color. Not too pink, not too orange. A one piece in this color would be incredible!

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