Light Blues

Light Blues, Sunday blues, baby blues... I've noticed the month of January was super slow for me, as far as feeling motivated. I'm going to change that and yes, I know it's nearly February now. January is trial month anyway, right? I've decided to give myself 3-5 small goals a week. I've noticed that even completing the smallest task, no matter how small, is the best feeling. Also, in the past, when I have done this sort of tactic it's helped me get to my bigger goal, faster. So, with that being said, if you're in the same boat as me (not feeling motivated), join and do the same! Create small goals for yourself. Some of my small goals for this week are: wake up before 8 am, drink hot water with lemon before a cup of coffee, reach out to more individuals like myself to create and work together, and write a blog once a week. Eventually, this will become old habits and won't feel like a task I need to complete. Have you tried this before? Does it work? I think so far it's working great! If you have any other tips for keeping things organized, completing goals, and/or staying motivated please share them with me. We gotta all make 2018 our bitch, yeah? Xx

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