Downtown, LA

I have such a hate/love relationship when it comes to Downtown LA. For one, I don't live there... so the drive is hell. Then, you finally arrive and want to find parking, except there is none and the parking lots that they have scattered everywhere there cost a fortune. So, you finally park. Maybe 2 or 3 blocks away from your destination. Instead of having a nice walk to where you need to be you may experience the complete opposite because one there are rats, two the air smells like complete and utter shit, and three there are homeless (which normally don't bug me) but for some reason the DTLA breed always do. Sorry if I've totally scared you away from DTLA, but there are great things about it too. They do have some of the best restaurants (Bestia, 71Above, Bottega Louie, Bar Ama, Perch, etc). And, super super sweet street art! The arts district is 1000% my favorite area when it comes to DTLA. It's kind-of off the grid/away from the nonsense. And, I do usually always find parking! They have great bars like Angel City Brewery. Above, I'm at the new space called ROW DTLA. It's under construction still, but it's super rad! It's basically a creative office spaces for retail, pop-ups, food, etc. I heard every Sunday it's foodies heaven! Gonna try it this weekend, I'll let ya know how it is! XX

#OOTD - Jacket: SheIn, Top: Forever 21, Skirt: Forever 21, Sunglasses: Marsquest, Bag: Zara (old), Shoes: Converse, Jewelry: Lavish