That Pink Wall

I'm sure you guys recognize this pink wall. My girlfriends and I were getting coffee across the street and like always there's a ton of girls and guys taking photos in front of the Paul Smith store. I'm gonna be honest and admit that I always laugh, cringe, and judge the people who take part in that. I shot some photos there years ago before it became popular and swore I would never shoot there again, haha! Little did I know... that was a lie. The outfit that I sported had hints of pink in it and my girlfriends insisted I shoot my fit at the pink wall. I was too lazy to walk over to another wall to shoot at so I bit my tongue and just did it. They turned out pretty cool! Have you shot there before? Xx

#OOTD - Top: Brandy Melville, Jeans: Levis, Bag: DIY by Shadi, Jacket: Dezzal, Shoes: Vans