Mellow Yellow

Happy Tuesday! I have had the craziest day so far. I have been working non-stop trying to get my email inbox down to zero and map out the next couple months. I'm almost there! It is one of the Mondayest Tuesdays, haha. The weather has been up and down lately, too. I am really yearning to leave Los Angeles. Usually I'd say some place tropical where I can keep my tan going strong and maybe even get a few shades darker, but I'm craving much cooler weather. We really do lack seasons here in Los Angeles, but I can't always complain. I may be going to Paris for NYE with my boyfriend *fingers crossed*. I could even settle for New Hampshire right about now. It's a random, but beautiful place I've always wanted to visit. Have you been there? Xx

#OOTD - Dress: Sabo Skirt, Bag: Yves Saint Laurent, Shoes: Rebels Footwear, Jewelry: Dogeared