The Warmest Fall

If you know me personally you know I love cold weather and cold weather means winter and winter means the holidays! Don't get me wrong... I love Summer, but once it's done - it's done. I need to wear chunky knits, peacoats, beanies, and booties already! The calendar says it's fall now, but that's hardly true living here in Los Angeles. I truly wish I lived in a city that had all 4 seasons. I think it'll be the best experience! Waking up and having a White Christmas like the Bing Crosby song that I play when the holidays are approaching would be a dream come true for me. Above, I'm sporting my favorite new wrap dress with an old pair of Zara heels I got around this time last year. It was 101 degrees (38 celsius) and I honestly started to sweat the minute I walked out of the house! And people say global warming isn't real... Xx

#OOTD - Dress: NastyGal, Shoes: Zara, Clutch: Gucci, Jewelry: Gorjana