Solid & Striped

When I went on my short trip to San Diego my girl friends and I booked a room at the cutest little hotel called The Pearl. Everything about it was perfect to me. It wasn't too far up in La Jolla or too far down in Downtown. It was somewhere in the middle of the two. A few blocks away from the beach and away from "the city", which I love. Everyone was skateboarding, riding bikes, or walking. The exact kind of atmosphere I like to put myself in. Not to mention the hotel was not 40 stories high with hundreds of guests or multiple pools you can never find. It was simple. Almost like a motel. It reminded me of The Ace in Palm Springs, but with a more beach vibe than desert for obvious reasons. And, every room has a pet fish! Ours was named Gilligan. My friend Brigette was completely obsessed! She couldn't stop talking to him. I was like, "I'll have what she's having". Before we checked out I slipped on this retro one piece swimsuit that worked almost too perfectly with the hotel. We gave ourselves a little tour and then walked down to get coffee before our drive back home to Los Angeles. I can't wait to be back in San Diego, well, more so The Pearl. I'm obsessed. I hope you all have the opportunity to check it out. I promise next time I'll take pictures of the hotel and my room! Xx

#OOTD - Swimsuit: Solid & Striped, Jewelry: Gorjana, Anklet: Gifted from Hawai'i (Old)