Afternoon Stroll

Hello lovelies. I spent most of today working on my blog. I hope you guys like what you see so far because I know this may come to you as a surprise, but I'm not much of a nerd (lol sarcasm) So getting the hang of website building, html, seo, etc etc.... wasn't like going and finding the perfect pair of jeans. Believe it or not that sounds much easier! After putting some hours in I called my best friend to go for a stroll in our neighborhood and to grab a bite to eat. I wore an light and easy black romper with a yellow floral print and my favorite belt to tie it all in. Kept it dainty and simple like always with my jewelry along with a matching black bag and sandals. Xx

#OOTD - Romper: Planet Blue, Belt: B-low The Belt, Shoes: BCBG, Bag: Forever21, Jewelry: Vanessa Mooney and She Rambles LA