Pretty In Pink

I feel like I'm so behind on work because of Halloween. I had a great holiday, but it just took me so long to prepare and I had so many plans! Have you seen my costume? Check out my Instagram if you haven't. I'm super proud of it! I wore colored contacts and it took me so long to get them in. I had to practice 3 times before the night of halloween, haha! I'm so glad that it's daylight savings today (except that means taking photos an hour and a half earlier than usual) I'm going to work my ass off and catch up with emails now that I've felt I've caught up on sleep. As for my outfit this past weekend I wore an old but favorite floral print dress, but what brought it all together is this rad light pink jacket with the coolest pins on it. Everyone kept asking me if I collected pins, but it's totally how I got the jacket! I've also been on the market for a new bag and I found this perfect sized classy bag from Dezzal. It's such great quality. It also makes me feel more put together and feminine.

#OOTD - Dress: Free People, Jacket: Dezzal, Bag: Dezzal, Choker: Brandy Melville