Burn Baby Burn

I can't tell you how long I've been looking for a new workout outfit. I wanted something that was trendy, good quality, and affordable. I'm not sure if I should share this, but I totally don't work out as much if I don't feel cute. Which is why I always have my eyes open for new workout gear. I am so glad I found this set. I'm already dying to get this one! Do any of you have a solid workout routine? I would love to take notes and hear about some short but intense workouts. Please share! And, if you're interested in mine let me know in the comments below. I'm more than happy to dedicate a whole blog post or make a YouTube video about it. Oh, oh! Forgot to mention. If you're interested in purchasing any gear from Wear It To Heart use my code 'WITHINES20' for 20% off! Xx

#OOTD - Pants: Wear It To Heart, Sports Bra: Wear It To Heart, Sweater: Sorella, Shoes: Adidas