Leather Roses

Oh my goodness! I am in love. My friend Jhanna Truskin also known as J Byrd Designs did some amazing DIY roses on the back of my leather jacket. I am all for supporting local artists especially artists that are my friends! How much better does the jacket look now? It was so plain before and it was starting to fall apart. I had her do some pink and yellow roses. It was nice to have control over what I wanted as far as placement and color. The best part is it's affordable and no two are alike. This is the first of many that she'll be doing. If you're interested go to her website and send her an email. She can budget in buying you a faux leather jacket and ship it out to you or you can send her one that you already own. Should I add another flower on the front? On another note, I've recently discovered that I own 14 pairs of Vans, haha! Most of them are from Middle School and High School. The ones I'm wearing here I bought 8 years ago. Legit. Xx 

p.s. this is totally something you'd find me wearing on a day-to-day basis if I had nothing special going on... and even then... :-P

#OOTD - Top: Free People, Jeans: Free People, Jacket: J Byrd Designs, Shoes: Vans, Socks: ASOS